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Glass Eye Studios, "Mini Wave Bowl (Gold)" Hand Blown Glass Sculpture (Second).
Item #235626

This item is not currently available

6 x 3


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• Personal Service
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The process:

We will email suggestions. You can request further options and make special requests.

Only acid free materials contact the art for long term preservation. Paper works are framed with plexi.

Canvas works are typically framed without plexi so that the vibrancy and interaction with light can be best appreciated.

Framing may be cancelled at any point before actual framing work begins.

Quality Guarantee. You may return your item for a refund within 15 days (excluding shipping).

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on this service!

No additional charge for shipping. Alaska and Hawaii addresses will have a higher rate which you can see in your cart by the "custom frame it" option.

"Mini Wave Bowl (Gold)" is a hand blown glass bowl (second) from Glass Eye Studios. This piece contains ash from the 1980 volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens. As each piece is individually handcrafted, the pattern in the glass may vary slightly from the image shown. "Second" means very slightly imperfect, but still great quality. Measures approx. 6" x 3".
U.S. Delivery $21.95 | HI/AK $33.00

The Glass Eye Studio design approach is that of "teamwork." Their team strives to create innovative, affordable and leading-edge glass designs while incorporating the visions of their clients, designers, sales staff, and glass blowers. Over sixty new designs are added to their line every six months, a result of their intense efforts to explore and expand upon century old glass forming techniques, in addition to utilizing suggestions gleaned from customer feedback.

The studio was founded on the belief that talented glass artists should have a place to work where their skills and creativity could be fully appreciated. Working with a variety of materials, the artists of Glass Eye Studio are revolutionary in their use of everything from recycled bottles and fine gold, to their signature ingredient - ash from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helen's - to create their incredible pieces. Located in Seattle, Washington, Glass Eye Studio is through and through a product of its Northwestern environment. Cool temperatures moderate the tremendous heat produced by the glass blowing and this, combined with the draw of the renowned Pilchuck Glass School, have turned the Pacific Northwest into a Mecca for an incredibly diverse pool of glass artisans.

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