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Wendy Corbett



Born in Birmingham, England, Wendy Corbett has been interested in art since she was a young girl. Today, her artistic interests are still influenced by the things she loved as a child – seaside scenes and animals. Corbett explains that Birmingham is “about as far from the sea as you can get,” but when she was young her family went on vacations to the shores of England where she made her first memories of long days on the beach. Eventually, Corbett moved to the coast, where she feels most at home, spending thirteen years in Devon and currently living in Lancashire.

Corbett’s paintings are also inspired by her other passion – traveling. She has been on safari in Botswana numerous times, in addition to her inspiring travels to Sri Lanka and Borneo. She also revels in the beauty that she has found closer to home in Scotland and the British Isles. Wherever she travels or lives, Corbett finds inspiration and beauty that shines through in the artwork she creates.
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