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Stephen Shortridge



Stephen Shortridge was born in Iowa, in 1951, and raised in Southern California. He exhibited artistic promise from a young age, but he didn't get any formal art training until he took a painting class at Idaho State University, where he had a water polo scholarship. But even after this first brush with art, Shortridge made no effort to pursue it as a career; instead, he followed his dream of becoming a professional actor. While he was successful, he says it was never where his heart was. Art is his first love and always has been. It wasn’t until he was in his mid-thirties that Shortridge finally decided to follow that love.

Inspired by John Singer Sargent's simple mastery and Joaquin Sorolla's passionate expression, Shortridge primarily creates Romantic Impressionist paintings. While he appreciates and enjoys all styles of art, the one that first stirred him was Impressionism. "To me it was bold, and full of life and color," he explains. "It was uninhibited and had a magic quality.” Shortridge is also drawn to Impressionism because emotion is foremost in its creation and appreciation; it compels the viewer to feel something, which is the basis of Shortridge's creative spirit. He notes, “I think the most important aspect of creating is staying true to your heart and trying to share that passion.”
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