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Robert Kasimir



Robert Kasimir is the famous artist son of equally renowned artist parents Luigi Kasimir and Tanna Kasimir-Hoernes. Born in Vienna in 1914, Robert was already experimenting with etchings by the age of 5, under the capable tutelage of his grandfather Alois. After his early education in local Vienna schools, Robert began his studies at the Technological College, intending to become an architect, but soon followed his true calling by enrolling at the Academy for Graphic Art where he studied under painter and graphic artist, Professor Hans Frank.

Citing well-known 19th century Viennese artists Rudolph von Alt and Ferdinand Waldmueller as his idols and inspirations, Robert soon became a known talent in his own right. Indeed, until he gained recognition as an accomplished artist, Kasimir signed his works only as F.O. Robert, rather than "cashing in" on his famous last name.

1936 saw Robert enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and embarking upon a two-year journey through America. His travels inspired a body of fine etchings of everything from the Capitol in Washington D.C. to the halls of the University of California at Berkeley. In 1938, He was drafted into the army, becoming a war reporter. He did many drawings along the war fronts of Belgium, Holland, France and Russia, but only photographs remain, as this body of work was destroyed during the bombing of Berlin. He returned to Vienna in 1945.

Following in his parents' footsteps, Robert opened his own printing shop in Vienna, publishing works by all three artists. Upon his father's death in 1962, Robert began the practice of hand signing Luigi Kasimir's works with "n.Luigi Kasimir" - "n." being the abbreviation for the word "Nachlass" meaning "from the estate of..." in German. He did this for Tanna's work as well, upon her death in 1972, signing her pieces "n.T.K. Hoernes".

For years, Robert was a respected consultant to the Austrian Government as a graphic arts expert, and his many works are housed at the New York Public Library and countless other museums and private collections around the world. Robert Kasimir passed away in 2002, leaving behind a peerless collection of works by some of the 20th century's finest artists.
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