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Rafael Abecassis, "Hallelujah" Hand Signed, Numbered Limited Edition Mixed Media with Letter of Authenticity.
Item #258544

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9 x 13


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"Hallelujah" is a limited edition serigraph with gold foil on paper by Rafael Abecassis. The piece comes hand signed by the artist, numbered, and with a letter of authenticity. Measures approximately 13" x 9".

Born in Marrakesh, Morocco in 1953, Raphael Abecassis lives in the South of Israel, where creates vibrant and truly festive scenes of Jewish life. Each of his creations is one of a kind, telling stories of the rich culture and religion of the Jewish people, and enlightening collectors and art fans around the world with the symbolism and history of Judaism through a variety of mediums, brought to life with a palette of glorious colors! He works extensively with the decoupage medium, meticulously building layers into 3-dimensional creations of figures, parts of Biblical verses and religious imagery that makes him one of the most original and distinctive masters creating art today.

As a young man, Abecassis studied art at the College of Education in Beersheva, and soon went on to win one of the nation's most coveted competitions, being tapped to design the official poster art for Israel's Independence Day Celebrations in 1986 and 1991. Abecassis is indeed a gifted "storyteller" whose image-narratives are worth well more than a thousand words! His incredible stained glass masterwork, "Sephardic Heritage Windows", graces the Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, in Los Angeles, measuring approx. 22 feet high and made of over 6,000 pieces of glass. It tells the story of The Sephardic Jews, their 15th century expulsion from Spain, and the eventual finding of a land to call home.

In addition to a 1992 international tour of "Odyssey of Spanish Jews" - commissioned by Israel's Ministry of Education and Culture - Abecassis also toured the world in 1996 with his "Jerusalem 3000" master collection of 25 works celebrating Israel's anniversary. He has the distinction of having his art presented to leaders and VIPs of numerous countries around the world, and he exhibits extensively throughout the US and Canada. Indeed, Abecassis has become the voice for a new generation of a people with a long and incredible story to tell.

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