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Dan Medina, "Trinity" Limited Edition Mixed Media Lucite Sculpture with COA.
Item #255550

This item is not currently available

36 x 21


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"Trinity" is a limited edition mixed media lucite sculpture by Dan Medina. Engraved with the artists signature and number, this piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. Measures approximately 36" x 12" x 21". This item requires special handling and may have a longer than usual turnaround.

A self-taught illustrator, painter, and sculptor, Dan Medina has established himself at the helm of the world-renowned Starlite Studios. However, before he became the Art Director there, he was experimenting and exploring the visual arts on his own. In addition to his close association with Christopher Pardell, Medina is deeply influenced by Renaissance artists, particularly Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, with whom he shares the talent of creating both two- and three-dimensional artwork. As he explains it, “I envision sculpting as an exciting three-dimensional extension of my illustrations.”

This extension is apparent in Medina’s artistic process. Before beginning any pieces, he researches the subject of it in great depth. This careful research is apparent in the authenticity of the majestic creatures he depicts, and in the intricate details they all bear. It is also how he is able to portray a sense of motion in immobile stone, metal, and Lucite sculptures. Medina is aware of how important this idea of movement is: “To portray emotion and form in metal – that is the essence of art.” As he conducts his research, he begins sketching; it is only once he is satisfied with the two-dimensional image that he will begin to sculpt his creations. Due in part to his incredible dedication and careful preparation and, of course, his unmatched skill, he has earned numerous awards, including the City of Los Angeles Bicentennial Award. Although he serves an important role as the Art Director of Starlite Studios, Dan Medina continues to create his own art and amaze viewers around the world with his skill and inspiration.

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