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Paul Corfield



Paul Corfield was born in 1970 in Bournemouth, England, and has lived within ten miles of his birthplace ever since. He began to draw at a young age, with particular attention paid to getting the details of his subject exactly right. He applied to art college after school and was accepted to study technical illustration, but he was forced to turn down the offer. Instead, he went to work for an engineering firm and spent his evenings after work painting, until 2002 when the firm offered employees a chance at voluntary redundancies. Seeing this as an opportunity to try to make a living at painting, he put his name forward and began painting full time.

Corfield takes much of his inspiration from the surrounding English countryside — wide expanses, rolling hills, and in Dorset, where he lives with his family, beautiful seaside vistas. His take on landscape is utterly unique; with sophisticated lines and inventive color usage he depicts undulating hills that rise up to meet the viewer and draw him or her into Corfield’s painted world.
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