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Helen Covensky



Helen Covensky's lovely renditions are entrancing and light. She actually captures the essence of the flower-the intense color, the gesture of form and grace, in a manner reminiscent of the Oriental masters and in a very accessible fashion. Executed in a blithe spirit, her images convey the innocence we would expect from such a subject, expressionistic and spontaneous, yet still keeping their form. Ms. Covensky was born in Poland where she began painting at an early age. It was in 1951 that she emigrated to the United States and soon after began her formal training in painting and the humanities at Wayne State University. During this time, Mrs. Covensky developed the lyrical quality she expresses in her work. Further study in Paris and Israel helped Helen to emerge as a sensitive artist whose use of vivid color expresses her passion for life and her strong love of nature.
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