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Harvey Edwards

Harvey Edwards became captivated with photography at a young age. Since his first photography lesson at age 10, Edwards has been enamored with the medium and its innate ability to express feelings and emotions. Luckily, Edwards was able to use his photographic skills when he served in the Air Force as a base and aerial photographer during the Vietnam War. Wanting to take his art to a new level, Edwards then attended the University of Miami where he majored in fine art with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. After graduating, Edwards delved right into the professional art world and held 64 one-man shows over the next 10 years. Edwards’s images quickly won him praise from Art Business News and The New York Times, and are now sold in 86 countries worldwide.

Though Edwards established himself as an artist by creating stunning and captivating images of ballet dancers, he has since expanded to other subjects, including music and fashion. Edwards has also published two books, Fairfax and The Art of Dance.