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Giorgio Casu



Born in Sardinia, Italy in 1975, Giorgio Casu began his career teaching graphics and classic art. In 1999 he founded the comic association “Chine Vaganti” and published the magazine “Macchie D’ Inchostro”. After graduating from college he began practicing art therapy as an educator in a psychiatric center in his home town. His interest in art as therapy for the mentally ill led him into his studies of comics and visual arts as educational tools, and he graduated from the University of Caligari in 2000. He began teaching, but soon expanded his horizons with the goal of becoming a full time artist after a year as an art instructor.

In 2002, he unveiled his artistic talents in England painting entirely with acrylic and fabric paints and displaying his work in numerous exhibitions and shows in Leeds, England.

In 2005 Giorgio embarked on a two year traveling adventure through South Asia, Australia, Fiji and Indonesia. It was during this time that he collaborated with the “Revolution Surf Factory and Museum” on the creation of a collection of original surfboards decorated in his distinguished artistic style.

In November 2007 he moved to New York City, where he worked on the creation of a series of books about his life and works: "4" and "Left of Center". Casu's work has been viewed at numerous different galleries and he is a strong supporter of the art movement in New York City.

Giorgio had a four month long exhibition at the “Atelier” Residences ending in May 2009 which became the spark that ignited the creation of the Baron Gallery movement. Giorgio now lives and paints in New York City.
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