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George Mayers



George Mayers is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art. He spent many years in New York doing illustrations for advertising agencies and most of the major magazines. His workhas appeared in Time, Colliers, Redbook, Coronet, Life and Fortune. His assignments often included subjects dealing both the Revolutionalry Warand the Civil War. During his extensive research on these subjects, his interest in history was developed and subsequently deepened. He continues to work a great deal with historical subject matter. Mayers works with oil, watercolor and acrylic demonstrating a great facility in each. He has had many one-man shows ans has been the recipient of several awards including the Freedoms Foundation Medal for a series of paintings on the AMerican Flag that appeared in Coronet in 1951. His work is included in numerous private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has appeared in one-man shows every other yearat Newman's Gallery in Phiadelphia, Pennsylvania in addition to a long list of other gallery showings and exhibitions.
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