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Eric Balint



Eric Balint was born in 1957 in the small city of Poti in Georgia, USSR. His father was French and his mother was from Poti. The two met in Paris but moved to Poti to start a family. Eric was a lively child, often getting caught by his teacher drawing rather than paying attention in class. It was his teacher who convinced his parents to encourage his artistic interests by sending him to art classes.

As Balint’s skills grew he participated frequently in art programs and had works published in local magazines. By the age of ten, he was known in his local community as a creative child with a great deal of artistic potential. By age fifteen he decided that he would attend art school formally, and in 1981, he moved to Tbilisi to attend Tbilisi Academy of Art. Being a long way from home and family, Balint spent a great deal of time alone and introspective, but also inspired by everyday scenes. With his growing knowledge of art technique and new perspectives on the nuances of light and color, Balint’s art began to improve and take shape.

After graduating from the prestigious Tbilisi Academy of Art, Balint became more confident in experimenting with different subject matter and mediums and his talent was soon recognized by the USSR Union of Artists. Although his original plan was to become a university professor, his art exhibitions were frequent and successful enough to support his opening of his own studio.

Eventually, Balint felt that his ability to grow as an artist was rather stunted in Russia, and he was urged by fellow artists to immigrate to the United States. It took a few years to make the move, and he landed in New York where he spent several years painting and gaining exposure. Soon, however, he was interested in living in a smaller city and settled in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989. Eric has exhibited internationally with great acclaim and continues to draw global attention.
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