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Born in Tacnu, Peru in 1970, Edwar exhibited exceptional artistic talent when he was very young. His natural skills combined with the encouragement he received led him to enroll at the Federico Laso Art School in Tacnu and, later, at the Escuela Nacional del Bellas Artes del Peru (the Peruvian National School of Fine Arts).

Although he is a realist painter, Edwar believes that art is expression. “The onus,” he explains, “is on the artist to find different ways of expressing what can be seen.” His own style blends classical realism with modern technical perfection to create breathtaking painting. Inspired by nature’s beauty, Edwar’s work often depicts the towering trees, broad landscapes, and azure skies that most people only wish they could see. Recognized for his talent and style, Edwar has exhibited his art across South America and in the United States since 1990 and he continues to produce remarkable artwork.