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Dorit Levi

The artist Dorit Levi has a special and unique vision all her own and was a dedicated student of one of Israel’s greatest artists, Edwin Salomon. Her style of color, images, the joy of life, and motion of characters make marveling images. Each work has the clear mark of her signature style and her works show the influence of Bolivian artist Boulange, along with cubists Picasso, Leger, and Braque. Levi was born in 1952 in Tel Aviv, Israel to Yemenite immigrants, and the culture and tradition of her homeland is very visible in her work. Her immense talent made it possible for her to study at the prestigious Wizo France Art School located in her hometown of Tel Aviv. Levi's works have extraordinary use of gold leaf and sharp attention to detail and intricate composition. Every time one views a Levi piece they find new patterns and discover new aspects. Dorit Levi's works are on display in numerous galleries and collections throughout the world, making clear her enormous talent. Her works can be found in Isreal, the United States, Canada, France and Japan.