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Chris Riggs

Chris Riggs for Mayor is contemporary NewYork City artist, whose art works are based on a unique combination of cubism, abstract, surrealism, minimalism, pop and street art has made him a leading artist of his generation. His paintings and sculptures are in museums, galleries, and private collections in over 50 countries.

Chris began painting at three years old with his grandfather. By 11 Chris became a graffiti artist, spray-painting murals in the abandoned buildings and train tunnels of New York City. At 17, he traded in his spray cans for a paint brush and began creating complex abstract paintings and sculptures.

In 2004, Riggs decided to run for Mayor of New York City because he saw an injustice: Bloomberg cut the school lunch program. This angered him, and he decided run for Mayor of NYC and change the city through his artwork. In 2005, Riggs played himself as a mayoral candidate for New-York City in documentary movie “The Promise of New York. “ He started to create art under the name Chris Riggs for Mayor.