"Understanding the ambiguities of the human nature" is what captivated Tadeo and introduced him to the world of art. Of course, as the son of one of Peru's greatest artists, it could not have been any other way. Told by his father that the human body presented both the greatest difficulty and, at the same time, the greatest achievement in art, he pursued figurative art drawing and painting starting at age 7.

Tadeo was born in Lima. Peru on August 30, 1977. In his continuous search for artistic development, Tadeo enrolled in the prestigious School of Fine Arts at age 18. As top student in his class, he was invited to participate in the Quimera '99 art exhibit in Mexico, where his art is highly regarded as some of the best from South America.

His paintings are a window to an intelligent and creative mind; his strokes are the voice of a true artist. His art transcends hyperrealism, exposing the observer to a surreal and delightful experience. Brilliant, gifted and spontaneous, his artistic achievement elates the senses and portrays the exuberant, yet down to earth, humble mastermind behind the canvas. Simple, as any great man should be.