James Verdugo


JAMES VERDUGO is a modern Master of the Beloved Romantic tradition. He delights in painting the flowing lines of Turn-of-the-Century costumes and Pastoral settings, creating exquisite Art Gems that have become HIGHLY COLLECTABLE among Art Afficionados around the world - BID NOW while you still can, and own your own VERDUGO Classic!

There are currently no Gallery items available for this artist, but you may be interested in:

Ultimate New Ultimates #3
Price: $700.00
Wondrous World
Price: $139.00
What If? Civil War #1
Price: $875.00
Vase Sculpture
Price: $380.00
"Deep Roots"
Price: $138.00
Iron Man/ Thor #2
Price: $450.00
New Avengers #50
Price: $700.00
Marvel Adventure Super Heroes #17
Price: $200.00
Boy with Horn
Price: $127.00
May Belfort
Price: $163.00