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Trevor Clark



Born in Southampton, England in 1957, Trevor Clark knew from a very young age that his purpose was to “devote his life to the creation of overwhelming beauty” and he has been doing that ever since. Clark first picked up a paintbrush when he was only three years old and spent the next four decades experimenting with various media and artistic styles. After moving to the United States in 2000, he met his wife, Linda. He considers the new life he has built here something of a “rebirth” and his artwork expresses that.

Clark primarily creates surrealist paintings in oil on canvas. Inspired by the lives he has lived and the inner pain that has influenced his creation since his youth, his paintings reflect both joy and pain, both frantic emotions and self-empowered strength. With a diverse and potent vision, Clark has established himself as an exceptional artist and his work has been displayed in private collections, galleries, and public exhibitions in the United States and parts of Europe.
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