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Alex Grinshpun, Hand Embellished Limited Edition Serigraph on Board, Hand Signed with Letter of Authenticity. (Disclaimer)
Item #244990

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12 x 16


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This is a hand embellished limited edition serigraph on board by Alex Grinshpun. It is numbered and hand signed and includes a letter of authenticity. Measures approximately 16" x 12" (image). ** Please note: There are elements of art board stuck to the white paint embellishing due to them being stacked without protection between pieces. **

Israeli painter Alexander Grinshpun was born in 1949 in Moldova, graduated from a local art school in 1968 before finishing his studies at the Institute of Arts in St. Petersburg in 1978, where he majored in theatrical performance decorations, specializing in background scenery for theater and opera. Between 1974 and 1982 Grinshpun worked as a theatrical artist in the city of Syktyvkar where he had his first personal exhibition in 1980.

From 1984 and prior to his repatriation to Israel in 1991, Grinshpun participated in a number of collective exhibitions. In Kishinev, Odessa, Tiraspol and Bedery where his pictures were exhibited separately. In 1994 Alexander Grinshpun’s personal exhibition was exhibited in the House of the Navigator (Advice Gilboa). In the following years, he participated in annual exhibitions in the Chagall House in Haifa. The largest and most significant personal exhibition was in June 2003 in the Center of Arts in Rishon-Lezion, Israel; about 80 picturesque cloths were exhibited in two big wall-lighted halls. As a result, Alexander was invited to exhibit in a few galleries in the US, Canada and Singapore.

Grinshpun’s worldview is well-reflected in his paintings - the idea of renewing the character of the work and the way of looking at it. He has developed his own unique style -- expressionist-naive -- based on the unique landscape and character of the Mediterranean region.

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