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Michael Kachan, "String Duet" Hand Embellished Limited Edition Serigraph on Canvas, Roman Numbered Inverso and Hand Signed with Letter of Authenticity.
Item #234423

This item is not currently available

15 x 22


What you can expect:

• Personal Service
• Professional design options
• Exceptional quality

The process:

We will email suggestions. You can request further options and make special requests.

Only acid free materials contact the art for long term preservation. Paper works are framed with plexi.

Canvas works are typically framed without plexi so that the vibrancy and interaction with light can be best appreciated.

Framing may be cancelled at any point before actual framing work begins.

Quality Guarantee. You may return your item for a refund within 15 days (excluding shipping).

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on this service!

No additional charge for shipping. Alaska and Hawaii addresses will have a higher rate which you can see in your cart by the "custom frame it" option.

"String Duet" is a hand embellished limited edition serigraph on canvas by Michael Kachan, roman numbered inverso and hand signed by the artist. Includes a Letter of Authenticity. Measures approx. 15" x 22" (image).

Gifted Artist MICHAEL KACHAN has truly developed a one-of-a-kind style with his enchanting images of lovers, musicians and vacationers enjoying life to the fullest, bathing each of his joyous scenes in rich, sensuous colors. This gorgeous print is a Limited Edition Serigraph, hand signed and numbered by KACHAN himself. The characters dance and frolic in this timeless scene of celebration, one that has helped make Kachan a much-loved and widely admired artist known for his unique talent!

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