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Nelly Panto



Nelly Panto was born and raised in Kishenev, Moldova, where she graduated from the local Art Academy. She went on to work as a book illustrator and designer, illustrating the books of classical authors such as Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Kuprin, which nurtured her understanding of human psychology.

The current works of Nelly Panto put to use new developments in the technology of art. In her recent paintings she explores various aspects of night life that lend an air of excitement and mystique to the modern metropolitan cities of our times. Bright lights, deep shadows and rectilinear shapes are all recurring themes in her work. Panto uses sharp contrasts combined with density of color to depict her contemporary heroes, with an intriguing technique that seems to diffuse the sharp outlines of her figures and lend a stained-glass mosaic feel to her exceptional artistry.
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