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Misu Coman



Born in 1961 in Buzau, Romania, Misu Coman completed his studies at the Bucharest Academy of Fine Art. In 1990, Coman opened a studio of his own in the area where he was born and raised. Crossing over the "Fire Arts" adventure, Coman aims to recuperate the original condition of the substance that in time falls into the anonymity of sand. "We have very fine sand in this area, which is excellent for glass-making". One of the fundamental means he accomplishes the decorative effects is with color. With refinement and craft, Coman controls those values and qualities, such as luminosity, brightness and the interplay of matted and transparent surfaces. Quite often, he resorts to dark tones extended on large surfaces on which abstract motifs are usually displayed in contrasting relationships. So, on matte backgrounds, the contrasting areas gain a gem-like preciousness. Each unique creation is designed, blown by mouth and signed by "Coman", himself. “Working with glass has become my way of expressing my feelings, what started as my challenge, today is my art!"
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