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Mihail Aleksandrov

Mihail Aleksandrov is one of the most successful artists to have left the former Soviet Union. Aleksandrov was born in 1949 in Vilnius, Lithuania and relocated to New York City in 1980. A mster of oil, tempera, and watercolor, Aleksandrov has been the star of numerous one-man shows in the United States and has sold many pieces all over the world. Never forgeting his Russian roots, which play a major role in the mysterious structure of his paintings, his painting pulsate with spirituality. Ancient icons, the Renaissance concept of art, beauty and the Russian Avante Garde movement have all influenced his work. He infuses geometric forms and the human body into symbolic configurations of squares, circles and triangles. He constantly creates a perfect set up of figures with motion filled choreography. Aleksandrov desires to transcend reality and reach a higher spiritual plane through his works. His paintings are part of the collections in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art.