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Maya Eventov

Growing up in the former Soviet Union, Maya Eventov was inspired by the beauty of the architecture around St. Petersburg. In addition, Eventov spent many hours of her youth at the Hermitage Museum, absorbing the works of the great masters like Matisse, Gauguin, and Rodchenko. Eventov passionately followed art throughout her schooling as well, where she participated in state juried exhibitions and underground student-run shows. After completing her graduate studies in graphic design, Eventov began illustrating children's books. When the Soviet Union fell, Eventov was able to travel the world and soak up new inspiration, eventually settling in Toronto, Canada.

When speaking of her work, Eventov says: “My works speak of my feelings of happiness, I love to paint, it feels great and I hope my art is a way to transfer this positive energy and wonderful feeling to others. I want to share the warmth of the afternoon, the smell of the exotic flowers and the sensuous taste of the ripe fruit with the viewer. Wander with me through the roads of Tuscany or come enjoy a quiet moment in a romantic setting somewhere in Spain.”