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Elliot Fallas

Unlike many gifted artists, Elliot Fallas discovered his talent relatively late in life. It happened on a family trip to Paris in the summer of 1995, standing in the Impressionist wing of the Louvre Museum. Turning to leave after admiring the work of the Masters, Elliot commented to his wife and son David, "When I retire, I think I'm going to try doing that." David's simple answer: "Why wait, Dad?"

A few months later, Fallas received a 'starter kit' of brush, oil paints and canvas as a Hanukkah present from his son, and an artist was born. In the ensuing years, Fallas began to study with an internationally known professional artist, developing his unique take on a classic Impressionist style. He strives to stay spontaneous and follow his instincts, especially when they lead him to "paint outside the lines" - breaking a few rules for the sake of honesty and emotion, he says, keeps his work exciting and evocative.

Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, Fallas has traveled around the world, and throughout Europe and Asia extensively. The love he has for these varied locales is abundantly evident - his artwork displays a broad array of styles that are comprised of varied themes and take as subjects seascapes, cityscapes, landscapes and contemporary scenes, all brought to life with masterful, bold brush and palette-knife strokes. ”When I choose a subject, it must evoke an honest emotion within me - otherwise it’s wallpaper,” says Fallas. Particularly known for his passion for color and texture, Fallas' paintings evoke a wonderful sense of life and energy.

Recently, Fallas has begun to experiment with what is his most significant and personally rewarding subject: Judaica art. He is in the process of collecting images and processing the powerful impressions these images make. "In oils depicting rabbis, soldiers, and citizens at the Wailing Wall painting I have tried to capture the raw emotion, power and sometimes even violence that represents the modern Jewish struggle in Israel," he says. Fallas, above all, is grateful for the gift of his artistic talent. "I truly believe that my talent was given to me 'for such a time as this' - my retirement years. It has brought much joy and passion to my life."

Today, there are hundreds of Fallas original paintings on display in homes, offices and galleries around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and sales are taking off across the country.