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Adina Cicort



Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, known as “The Little Paris,” Adina Cicort was immersed in a world of art and culture from a very young age. Intrigued by art history as well as creating art, Cicort studied Romanian artists like Daniel Ionescu and Sabin Balasa in addition to other European and American contemporary artists. Through studying their work while contemporaneously refining her own artistic talents, she has developed a unique, powerful style. Cicort’s artwork most notably bears the influence of the Abstract, Impressionist, and Surrealist movements, although her creations are often inspired by some of her many other interests. Among these are the history of civilizations and religions, symbolism, the history of art, nature, countries, architecture, and rituals and traditions. While cultivating her personal style, Cicort has also been lauded for her work in web design and advertising, bringing age-old artistic influences to a modern age. No matter what medium she is using, Cicort believes that the most essential aspect of art is its power as a form of communication and therapy.
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