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A. J. Callan



A. J. Callan was born in Glasgow in 1958 during a period of new confidence and optimism in Britain. Surrounded by all of the new ideas and art that emerged from this burgeoning mindset, Callan was urged to use his imagination and follow his dreams. Even as a toddler, he was unequivocally interested in art, eventually landing in art college where he studied fine art and graphic design for five years. Upon graduation, Callan entered the advertising industry, but still always made time to work on his own projects outside of his day job.

In 2005, he left advertising to become a full-time artist. In his whimsical creations, Callan depicts everyday situations with humor and skill, often inspired by the most mundane details or subject matter that anyone else might find 'boring'. Instead, he creates eye-catchingly humorous imagery. “My work combines the real and the imaginary,” Callan notes, and without over-analyzing anything he puts to canvas, this artist remains joyfully peripatetic. His inspiration is varied, ranging from the animation of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” to the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Callan also counts Charles Renee Mackintosh and Joseph Wright among his influences. Whether he's painting a "riot of colors" personified by cheerfully animated farm animals, or chasing the elusively secret glances between lovers, A.J. Callan manages to capture and translate the inspired snapshots of his imagination into art that fans and collectors admire around the world.
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